Joulus Gazit & Co.

The legal team at Joulus Gazit & Co. is especially proud of its vast knowledge, wealth of experience, professionalism and exceptional creativity in the tax field. But we are equally as proud of the atmosphere of collaboration and mutual inspiration and of the pleasant work environment we share.

We are always happy to meet fine, talented and outstanding people in order to choose the best, the most thorough and the most creative to join our team.

But we believe in mutual gains: we are certain that the vast knowledge of tax law we have accumulated for two generations, our lawyers’ specialization in other fields that interface with taxation, our fascinating clients, challenging cases and the spirit of partnership we espouse are an excellent starting point for achieving true expertise and a career in tax law.

If you are interested in joining us as an attorney, an intern or a member of the administrative team, send your resume to

* All positions are equally open to men and women.